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Sheet Metal Supplies:

The right stuff– the right size – all the time

Sometimes you've got to get a little creative when fabricating and installing vent systems. That's why it's important that you can find the right size elbow, that perfect transition duct or those hard to find screws, scribes and fasteners when you need them.


There will be no time wasted when you shop supplies and accessories at McCrudden Heating Supply. Our vast inventory has all the pipes, fittings, shapes, sheet metal, hand tools and tip bits you will ever need to stay on top of your game. So you can finish the job you started and get on to the next.

• Anchoring kits

• Boots

• Branch wyes

• Ceiling heads

• Cleats

• Crimp collars

• Drawbands

• Duct liners

• Duct ties and straps

• Duct vane setting tools

• Elbows

• End caps

• Flex ducts –

 insulated and non-insulated

When you've got to find it and find it now, McCrudden Heating Supply has your back with the area's largest sheet metal supply inventory.

Find What You Need When You Need It!

• Flexible duct takeoffs

• Metal spin-in takeoffs

• Pans and brackets

• Pin welders

• Reducers

• Register heads

• Round dampers

• Round pipe

• Screws

• Square duct

• Transition duct

• Transitions